Sunday, June 10, 2012

Clothed in His Righteousness

Lately I have been thinking about how we react when someone is caught in sin.   I remember the story about the prostitute that was thrown in the middle of town.  Everyone picked up their rocks and yelled stone her, stone her.  Jesus stepped up and said ye who are without sin throw the first stone.  Everyone dropped their rocks.  Jesus went up to the woman and said go and sin no more.

We are told to restore someone gently. So many times gossip and harsh treatment is given to the person who is in sin.  They are rejected without being talked to or prayed for.   We also are told to go to the person and confront them and if they don't respond.  Take someone with you and try to lead them to repentance.  If still they don't respond the church is to confront the issue.  I have been in a church where this happened.   The person was unwilling to work on the sin and had a very rebellious heart.   It was done in a very respectful and godly manner. The church has to ask him to come and ask for forgiveness.   It was for the hope of bringing repentance in the persons heart and the purity of the church.  I have seen it done when someone were totally broken and confessed and restored and forgiven.  It was a beautiful work of the Spirit in their heart.

We hope that we have an on going repentance  where the love of God so penetrates our hearts it is kept in tune with the Spirit.  We have the Spirit who is to convict us of sin.  Sometimes we can become where we don't respond to the gentle nudging and we need help from the body.

That is why it is important to be involved and honest in a small group of people.  They love you enough to remind you of the love of the Father.  The gospel is a part of your relationships so the power of God is what enables you to keep in step with the Spirit.

A pastor once said in a study that we were suppose to lead our families and church into repentance and faith.  There have been great revivals around the world when people see their sin at a deeper level and the power of the cross and love of God in a new and fresh way.  Sin is not to be our focus.  Jesus helps us work on our sin with us.  It is a rebellious heart when we need question are we willing to even struggle with this sin.

I say this to say our sin is not suppose to be our focus.  We don't need to be introverted and spend our time looking for sin.  As I said the Spirit will bring our attention to us.  I was told for every one look at your sin look at the cross ten times.  No sin is more powerful that the cross.  Repentance brings fresh joy and power and love because of the cross.  The power of the cross is released in us through repentance.

Resting and remaining in the Love of God, Jesus and Spirit is where our hearts should reside.  We are not our sin.  We are children of the King who is loved, adored and given the righteousness of Christ.  We should not worry about our own righteousness.  We are clothed in the righteousness of Christ, forgiven, redeemed and restored.  This is a righteousness that God sees when He looks at us right now.  He throws our sin as far as the east is from the west.  He does not see our sin when He looks at us.  He sees His Sons perfection.