Friday, June 1, 2012

Loneliness, Ramped Disease

I think one of the fastest growing disease is loneliness.  We were made for relationships.  Our biggest enemy is business.  We put up barriers of all kinds to protect ourselves.  We get our drug of choice, our quick fix from our jobs, hobbies, success, ministry, families.  We try to have relationships with things other than people.  It just doesn't work.

When my children were small I didn't know how to meet their emotional needs.  All I knew was to get them where they needed to be.  Feed them.  Dress them and see to it other physical needs were meet.  They have all had to learn about relationships since they have gotten older.  God has been gracious and has redeemed the mistake I made in their early childhood years.

We avoid relationships by small talk.  How are you?  Fine, how are you?  When all along you or they are suffering on the inside.  We have an easier time sharing our joys but that still is too personal.

We do the same thing with working for the kingdom.  We get so busy doing for God we forget to be with Him.  How much of what you do during your day really matters?  Are you more concerned about doing that being.  We are told to Be Still and Know that He is God.  You must first be to do.  You can do without being but you cannot be without doing.  Being is relationship.

We don't know how to give of ourselves, let people into our lives and be vulnerable.  How to think more of the other person than we do of ourselves.  Even our good deeds have selfish motives.  We don't want to get messy, risky, involved or hurt.  We don't think the pain is worth the gain.  The truth is many of us have not tasted meaningful, rich, lasting relationships.

What we need is a meaningful relationship with God where we learn to be open and honest.  Learn to share our heart.  Listen to His heart.  The more our relationship grows with our Father, Savior and Spirit the more we understand what it means to let others into our lives.

 We learn to quit the fake smile.  We realize our enemy is loneliness.  We must fight to keep it from taking over.  Why do you think Facebook and blogs are so popular. Chat groups and e-mail.  People can have relationship but still keep others at a distance.  A safe distance.  It is more comfortable not to be face to face.  There is less chance of being rejected.

We need community.  We need the body of Christ.  It is not good that man should be alone.  We were created to intertwine.  Three is better than one.  In discipleship, brothers and sisters in Christ.  We love imperfectly now but we must step out of our protective shells and know love is worth the risk.