Sunday, August 13, 2017

Our hearts revealed...

Could we talk about some topics rather difficult....

A topic that has come up a lot around me lately is elderly care.  I think also of caregivers of the sick,  or just can't care for themselves at the particular time.  Our daughter Elizabeth works for the state equipping caregivers.  It has become a universal problem.

I think of me, struggling with mental health.  Maybe other mental issues, such as dementia,  where the person can not care for themselves.

I remember when our children were young and they would be whiny. I would tell Danny...they are just tired.    It was true.  They also wanted their own way.  Maybe not wanting naps.

 There were times I would take the kids to the duck pond or practice field and meet their dad with a picnic.

I had no drivers license for a long time...They had expired and I didn't realize it.  I had to depend on family to take me around.  Later on friends came to bring me to appointments.  I really enjoyed being with the different girls.   I got out of the house and visited with friends at the same time.  I was so touched by their kindness.   Another thing I don't want to forget.

 I think of times where we are out of control, such as bad health, or not being able to drive...We become fearful. We think we are powerless.

When Christ was being crucified, His focus was on the desire of the Father.  On the plan He and His Father had agreed upon before creation.  He may have lost sight of what that was but He trusted the Father.

Then after asking the Father why He had forsaken Him, Jesus surrendered.  His will was to agree with His Father and willingly lay His life down.

He then focused on the purpose of His coming.   Father forgive them for they know not what they do.
Redemption of man and the gift of the Father.   Glory!   Joy!  Jesus then had a focus of eternity and the joy set before Him.  He surrendered to love.

I do think that all these circumstances can be not only better and fear lessened. But times of memories that can be the joy Jesus saw.  Mine was. My family was involved when needed.  They not only cared for me but gave me room to be my own person, as I got better.  God was prepping me to have a charitable heart.  One I knew nothing about.

 Not that you don't love already.  But reassurance of your care and Gods love calms a heavy heart.  Jesus says His yolk is easy.   He was referring to the law.  We think we need to do more.  Try harder.  Spend more money.

Jesus says it is love.  He says it is through loving God and loving others.  These words of love are of Jesus.  Maybe a hug or a smile is just what your loved ones need.  Maybe you too.  Small gifts like a verse on a card.  Sing a song.  Listening.  Poetry.  Funny jokes...Asking questions.  See what they are thinking and feeling.  Connect.  Jesus does with us.  It is the personal relationship of sharing, caring.

Jesus loves even the unloveable and you can to. We who are His has the Spirit.  The hard to love person is the one who at times needs it the most.  The more we understand the love of Jesus for us.  The more we love others.  It is His love in us that we experience.  This is what we give others.  The sweetness of Jesus and the love of the Father poured out in us through His Son in His Spirit.

Then as time past, the Spirit worked in my heart.  I saw that I was focused on my needs and fearful.  I was not trusting God with where I was physically and mentally.  I didn't believe He had a plan for my good.  I thought at times, I would never have any kind of life without pain and sanity again.

When these things came to my heart, I could not thank my family enough. I felt so loved and cared for.   I saw my self centeredness.  The doctors visits, med checks, counselors, and so much more they did.  There is no way to list all they did for me and tirelessly.

 There was a time I had to put my meds and supplements in boxes.  I got them mixed up and would have relapses.  They walked with me through this all.  Their love for me and care was beyond my comprehension.

I thanked them over and over again.  Gratitude began to heal me through the Spirit.

Yes the Spirit worked in my heart and me sleeping my life away. Average about 2 p.m.   The things I have learned.  The love I have been given brings tears of gratitude that some days I cannot stop them.

God is not limited by anything.  He will bring about His plan and purposes no matter what.

This brings about an earnest and sincere desire in our hearts to work with the Spirit.  To surrender, no matter if we understand our lives or not.  To trust our Fathers care, His precious plan and our Saviors prayers for us.  We lean into the promises...He will never leave us.

Our daughter Ashleigh's birthday today.

God did not want our family to be perfect but to be real, sincere and His, in ways I never imagined.  Our children are survivors.  They know and love people...even people hard to love.  Like their mother at times.  They are givers of grace, hope and love.  Something I had no idea of when raising them.  It is a precious gift.  Thank you Jesus!