Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Let the music begin

Don't you love, how the Good News of the Gospel, never changes?  It just goes deeper and wider into the sanctification of our lives. Into our hearts and our everyday living.  It helps us know how to live.  Many are talking today about, what the Gospel has done for us, made sinners saints, and we are children of God.  This is true but it is not the first reason, Jesus came to live here and incarnate with us.  Be tempted as we are tempted.  Completely obey God perfectly and keep the law completely.  Learned obedience through suffering.  But He came to please the Father.  The Gospel is about a love relationship between Father and Son through the Spirit to us.

When you think that Jesus, was the perfect sacrifice, to the Father.  How the Father sent the Son, to rescue us and how He pleased God in all that He did, you know...God is not going to reject me.  He is not going to change His mind about me, because, I blew it so bad.  He is not disappointed in me.  He knew it all, from beginning to end.  He is not angry with me ever, because Jesus took His judgement and wrath in my place.  He said it is "Finished" and He died and rose from the dead, proving the pleasure of the Father and that it is so.

Just as Abraham began to offer Isaac as a sacrifice, so did our Father offer His Son, for us.  God told Abraham, now I know you love me.  God also told us, the cross and the death and resurrection of my Son tells you, I love you, as I love Him.  His righteousness is ours.  His Spirit and the Spirit of the Father lives in us never to separate from us ever.  We are one with them in Christ and Christ in us.

As we lean and surrender to this new identity and this righteousness, we become more holy in our living.  Jesus says that is summed up by saying we love others as ourselves and God with our whole heart more and more.

This week is about the suffering and Passion of Christ and the Father, for each other and for us.  Can you imagine the pain, the Father felt in seeing, the suffering and the separation, He and the Son,  had never experienced, from each other.  Can we know more, of this kinda of love this week, as we precede, through the steps of Jesus and His love for His Father through our own suffering.  May we give God praise and worship, for what His plan that has been completed and all we have to do, is to believe it and live it out as the Spirit empowers us.  We trust Him and what He has done and not what we do.

Don't keep working, trying to prove to God, you are good, so He won't be mad or reject you.  Don't go to sleep, because you know you can't measure up?  Don't worry about the approval and pleasing of other people, because you are totally loved and blessed by God.  You are His.  Never to be rejected by Him.  Rest in His goodness and purposes of His glory.  If you are His, you are set and secure for eternity.  Know the joy of it and Him as you delight in Him, and His love for you this week.  Ask Him to prepare your heart to see Him more clearly and love Him more dearly this Easter...You are on stage and you have an audience of One.  He is the director.  He has the play written and all you have to do, is to live it out.  He knows the ending.  He pleasures to see you dance with the Spirit, even in the rain, in His Son.  So let the music begin.  Take someone who is hurting with you.  Weep together.  You will encourage each other in Gods love and provision.  Sing His praises together and be open to seeing His glory unfold, even when it hurts.