Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Jennifer

Just when you thought life couldn't get any messier it just does.  The things that would have put you to bed for days makes you roll on the floor.  just kidding lol.   I have had many struggles when I was sick.  It makes me throw up the things I have thought in my mind.  It has caused me to depend on Christ in ways that I never would have apart from the illness.  Just when I thought my family couldn't get closer or I couldn't love my husband any more or my children and grandchildren I do.  Just when you think God can't get any bigger or closer He does in ways you never imagined before.  Life is simple, life is complex.  What are you living for?  Your reputation, material things, success, peoples approval, addictions, sex?  What is it that make you tick?  What makes you respond and over react to things that you have to give to God anyway?  Just when I think I am getting closer to sanctification and holiness I get a close up glimpse of God and my family and friends and I am stunned at their love and compassion and free heartedness and mercy.  I could not have made it for them all these years through the think and thin.  They never judged me and knew some of the most difficult things to accept about a person.  They were just there loving me, correcting me if need be and pointing me to Jesus.

Today is our oldest daughters birthday.  Real tears flood my eyes when I think of the happiness and life she has given to us.  Yes there has been heartache when she ached but the joy far out weights it all.  She is beautiful, strong in the strength of the Lord, determined, diligent, caring, wise and so much more.  She is one of the best mothers I have ever known and I am proud to call her my daughter.  She is always there for her family no matter what the cost of money or her strength and time. God has showered us with 4 different personality children and I wouldn't change one of them for anything.

So happy birthday my dear daughter of mine.  Thank you for the joy, the care, and all the love you have brought to each of us.  I hope this is a most wonderful night for you and yours.  Sing, be happy and celebrate but most of all don't every, no matter what happens, forget that God has put you here for a purpose and don't back down no matter what the cost.  He has had a plan for you and Jordan and cared for you since day one until today and on I know.  So keep on keeping on my dear.  Wish mother was here to see you now.  She loved and was so proud of you too.  Keep your chin up when you don't feel like it, keep smiling and don't loose your mind lol.   You want just teasing.  Love, love, love you my dear, Happy Birthday Jen, Jen.  We all thank God for you and pray for you so go get 'em girl.

The pastor prayed for me to know my authority Jesus gives His brothers and sisters, that we are under His.  I think I am getting it.