Monday, March 23, 2015

Don't sweat the small stuff

Some time ago, for some reason, I was looking through my jewelry.  I don't wear it anymore, insurance and the like. Use to my husband gave me some lovely things and I loved to wear it.   I looked here for several days and my husband.   I looked in the safe deposit box for my blue sapphire ring.  It was not to be found.  Plus a couple of other small ring guards, I had had made.  My husband and I had gotten the ring on a trip we had taken.  It was sentimental.

In the meantime, I found my high school initial ring and my wedding band that I had quit wearing because of gaining weight over the years, and it not fitting.  I was elated.  I had thought these too were gone.  I don't know what happened to the sapphire and maybe one day it will show up.  But I had wanted, to leave it to my daughter.

So after thinking and rethinking, I decided I would buy another one to leave to her.  I went to look at stones and rings already set.  I sent my daughter a picture of the ring and ask her opinion, which did she like best.  She said mom, don't do that.  It is just stuff.  Come to find out, another daughter wanted it also, so I called her.  Her reply was the same.  It is just stuff, mom.

I have some furniture that my mom left, when she died.  There was two bedroom suits.  My house is full of furniture, but I was using as much as I could.  My sister told me how much one suit meant to her.  I thought, if it means something to her, that is what is important.  It is just stuff and I want to bless my sister.

I had a friend over and she found out who my husband was.  She was wide eyed.  We talked about seeing several Presidents and the favors we had, in my husbands profession.  I told her.  It is just stuff.  When I die it will all be gone.

God has been showing me to keep my eyes on the eternal.  Things are nice and we can enjoy them, but it is just stuff.  I have also seen, when I am tired or spent, things mean more to me than people.  I am more open to my weakness of sin, when I am tired, don't eat right, don't spend time alone and with family and friends. Jesus was tempted while He was weak and was hungry, but did not sin. When I am thinking of me and not of others, I am tempted.  The more we try not to sin, the more we sin.  The cure to sin, is to love.  Perfect love cast out all fear.  When we are fearful of loosing something, we want more and more.  It never satisfies.  Love is eternal.

I read the other day a quote where Corrie Ten Boone said she knew when satan was speaking to her because it said, "Poor Corrie".  I need my friends to remind me of the things eternal.  Of what Jesus has done for me.  I need the Spirit to be reminded of eternal life and my sonship.  I need to be in the quiet and joy of my Lord.  I heard the Spirit within is better for us, than Jesus without.  The Spirit within is Jesus within.  Jesus said I must go to leave you a Helper.  We are not alone.  The Spirit can help us in our time of need.  We ignore the workings of the Spirit in our heart and what He can do within us.  We can be Jesus to another.  We have His power and authority and inheritance and love and faith.  We are already rich.  Only our sinful nature and satan and the world, make us long for things to fulfill us. It is our desire to be desired and important.   Jesus is glorified as we are fulfilled in Him and love those in our lives.  He says you are valuable.  So much so I sent my Son to rescue you and bring you to me.  Receive what I have for you.  As you enjoy my blessings to you, let them point them to me.  Worship the Creator, not the creation, but you can be blessed and be free to give of yourself and not crave what you do not have, lust and envy.  Keep it light and don't sweat the small stuff.

So reach out, out of abundance and not out of need.  Jesus is all we need, Father, Spirit.  Ask and you shall receive.  It is like magic, how the Lord answers our heart cries.