Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lets not pretend

I have thought and thought and dreaded writing this piece for days.  I know to honor God and to help others it is something I am called to do.  This is to those who struggle with clinical depression and not just a few sad days and those who care for them.  So with a prayerful heart, here I go...

For several months now my friend and I have been filling in as co leaders of a NAMI support group in our area.  It has been a great group from the begging.  People sharing and learning.  A few days ago I go a message that one of the people in the group had committed suicide.  I was devastated, grieved and burdened and for the family.  I played over and over in my head things that were said that could have given me a clue.  They were planning for the future and a trip I learned.  Evidently even her family and best friends had no idea.  No one is responsible for someones suicide.

This week we will discuss the tragedy and pay tribute to her life and what she gave to each one of us. She was brilliant and did all she knew to do to fight the depression with little and no success.  I decided with my doctor the best thing we can do is learn from her life and her struggle to benefit others who struggle.   I would like to add I do not judge her because I have been in the same position where the thoughts in my head and the illusions and delusions made me think my family would be better with out me.  It seemed so very real. It is a lie and Satan twist our thoughts.  Some people think it is the only way to escape pain.  This is a lie also.  We are to enter into our pain with the help of others and go to Jesus.  He is our comfort.  Sometimes it takes a long time.  Life is Gods gift to us and we are His treasured creation.  It is our pleasure to live it with as much joy as we can.   I have lived to give hope to others who struggle and to my family who loves me dearly.  Here are some thoughts.

We need a village in our lives of people, specialist, family and friends to keep up well.  But the problem is the illness yells at us to isolate.  I was struggling a few weeks ago and the first thing I noticed was the pulling away from others.  I did talk to a couple of friends and fought the urge and the pull.  I went on a hike where this picture was taken and ate lunch with a few friends.

Since Adam and Eve mankind feels shame because sin has entered the world.  The thoughts and illusions that the depressed and others with mental disorders have are of the lack of their worth and that shame enters their mind. The results then and now is they want to withdraw and cover themselves.  Pretend it doesn't exist.  We as christians need to know Christ died for our shame and guilt.  But the illness must be caught early with the help from others or the mind is weakened and sick and the thoughts take over.  Some may rehearse suicide over and over with no intention of doing it but then something happens and they snap.  This is why if anyone ever has these thoughts they must tell someone and their dr early.  Adjustments can be made to help.  We are not helpless in this battle if we educate ourselves, depend on God and fight against it with the help of others.  The stigma cannot control our lives.  The desire to be well has to be greater.

There are classes in your area with NAMI to teach you and the care givers how to deal with mental disorders and how to cope with them and help someone else.  We must band together.  Christ died that we would not live in shame and guilt.  There is no condemnation for those in Christ.  I have to believe if we work as a family we can overcome this illness that effects one in four sometime in their lives.  Please pass the word and this message.  We must not pretend to be people who do not struggle.  Who are not who we want to be but embrace who we are and our weakness and live in the beauty of Christ living His life through us.  We must be willing to know our vulnerability is what draws the heart of God and those who truly love us.  It is a risk we take.  It is life we choose.