Saturday, November 22, 2014

Enjoying people, enjoying God

Yesterday I had a few friends over to the farm to take pictures, stroll around, enjoy the day, scenery and God.  An old friend and some new.  I have a really nice camera.  I have had it for a couple of years and have not grown to enjoy it any more than the first day I used it.  It has lots of horns and whistles but I don't know what they do.  Upon meeting my new friend, he immediately took my camera off automatic and in so many words said leave it on manual if you want really good pictures.  He showed me how to adjust the light and off we went.

He talked about taking pictures as an art and how we use it to invite the imagination of the viewers.  He saw beauty and a great picture in things I had not thought of.  I would ask this a good one?  He would give me a few pointers but say if you like it it is good.  I found myself taking pictures of roads that led no where, of piers that had no end, of weeds that seemed to bloom in the sunlight, ponds that reflected, you thought it to be mirrors you could walk into.  I took a lot of pictures that the lighting was bad but I learned to learn you have to be willing to risk and take a chance of failing.  My eyes seemed to be wide open to Gods beauty and creativity as we shared visions we each saw.  We share some hearts and stories too.  It couldn't have been more spiritual than if we were in church.  We were enjoying God, His creation that whispers I love you, and each other that says here is who I am.  Who are you?  Will you share these moments in time with me than cannot be recaptured anymore that a setting sun.  We were there for such a time as we had to grab the goodness of Gods beauty and capture it for others to enjoy.

I told him, he enjoys writing, how I loved to write but struggled getting things on paper these days.  His friend, commented if just one benefits and you enjoy it it is a good thing.  We in American think big.  If God doesn't bless it and make it where lots of people view our work and creativity then it must not be good.  I was thinking this morning.  I don't think God takes any more delight in Billy Graham than He did in us yesterday glorying in His greatness and sharing with each other.  Maybe you are a mom who hardly gets out of the house but you are raising children to love God and working on a difficult marriage, washing clothes and cooking and doing dishes to serve your family.  Trying to reach the hearts of those who live in the house you call home.  You, my dear are giving great glory to your Savior as you depend on Him to do what you cannot do.  As you call His name, Jesus, throughout your day, give me your grace to make is a beautiful thing.  It is communing with Him.  You are tapping into the riches we have in Christ.  We each are created and chosen for a purpose no one else can fill.  We are to give our lives to living for His glory.  We can be so blessed by God but if we are not implementing those blessings into life, what He has given us in promises, blessings and relationship with Father, Son and Spirit, we might as well be broke.  When our eyes are opened to the riches we have in Christ and it becomes a part of our daily living we are in a place that Jesus calls the abundant life.  Loving and depending on Him and HIs Son through His Spirit, it is a peace and joy that nothing can take away.