Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where will you walk? Who will you touch today?

A while back, as I plan my day with the Lord, I began asking Him, "Lord who do I love today".  I am an encourager.  I think it is because of how much I need encouragement and know how much it means to me, so I think maybe others need encouragement also.  This world, our circumstances and people beat us down.  We have to deal with our own flesh and the devil and it can take a tole on a body.  We become discouraged, hopeless, and desperate.  But the Lord rescues and delivers.  He sends encouragement and truth our way.  Will He love someone through you today?  Will He build up His body through you?  If we encourage one person a day, and it will grow, in a year that is 365 times we have encouraged others.  It is the small steps forward in faith, that count.  Giving someone the love of Jesus.

He will give you the people, the creative ideas, the strength and the time.  It maybe a smile at the person at the checkout counter who has been there since 4 in the morning. I happened to have a coat hanger in my car I could give to a man in the parking lot, who had locked his keys in the car.  A woman the other day was attempting to push two carts of groceries and her child.  Such a joy to help.  It is the same ways of saying you matter and I care, Jesus cares.  The person at the drive through.  Or someone in your family or friends.  Someone you haven't thought of in a long time.

The other day I thought of two people I wanted to give a gift to.  I knew what I wanted to get and where to find it.  There was circumstances where I could not go.  I went home and waited on the Lord.  Two gifts I had bought earlier in the year, on sale, came to mind.  They fit perfectly.  Then yesterday I went to check on a friend.  Her phone line had been out for days.  I took her two packs of beef that my husband had killed a calf on our farm.  She was delighted.  Many times it is something I have on hand.  Maybe a text or a phone call. I buy flowers at the grocery store I love.  I keep note cards on hand.  I go to the dollar store and search the isles for cards. I buy candy after holidays and give to special people.  I look for things I really like on sale. I found some verses on wood the other day half price.  I bought me one and a friend.  It maybe doing the dishes for your wife or putting the kids to bed. Or a hug and a smile when you come in through the door after a long day at work.  Writing your husband a sticky note of how much you appreciate him or making his favorite meal.   It is fun and I enjoy being with the Lord in doing it.  I listen to people for ideas in what might be a blessing to them.

We give out of an abundance not a need.  We love because He first loved us.  It is more blessed to give than receive.  When we have been in the presence of the Almighty and have received His extravagant love for us we can't help but send encouragement and love to someone in our path.  It is an overflow.  It is not that we need them to think we are great but that He has great love for them.  Life is short.  Love someone today.  You can make a difference.  We are His hands and His feet.  Where will you walk and who will you touch today?