Thursday, October 17, 2013

Update on Deborah!


I just visited with Deborah.  She wants all of you to know what happened about six weeks ago.  She had a psychotic episode.  This means that her brain needs rest from the computer/phone/ipad  to repair. 

One of our grandsons recently received a concussion.  His treatment was a dark room and no technology.  According to a specialist, any kind of electronic/digital technology is very taxing on the brain.  But Deborah has made a turn recently, and is doing better.  What this means for you is that it may still be another few or several weeks before Deborah returns here. She is very thankful for your prayers and friendship.

I've told Deb that I can still share writings with you that she wrote before the blog began.  And she says she has been hard-copy journaling and will have much to write to you about later. 

Since I share a devotion from Deborah each Monday on the Whispers of God site, you can also scroll through older pages if you like, and find her writings there:.

Thanks and Blessings!
Martha Langley