Thursday, October 17, 2013

Can You See the Glory? -- Guest Post

                    “...[We]  are being transformed into His likeness with ever increasing glory 
                        which comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.”   (1 Corinthians 3 18, emphasis)

Do you think of yourself in the context of “ever increasing glory”?  I may have that sense when life is going well. That sort of feels like a glory.  But when life is difficult, or I feel like it's not coming together right, or I'm recounting something un-Christlike, it's hard for me to see an ever increasing glory.

So thinking through that verse, I tried to see if I recognized an ever increasing glory in Jesus.  I know He is always the same and has all glory, but I wanted to look into a few chapters of His story:  First remembering what He did in the beginning--speaking the Universe into being.  Amazing splendor and glory.  Fashioning a wonderfully complex man with His own hands from clay. WOW! 

But then having to wear a human frame of skin, that doesn’t seem so glorious. Nor was walking among diseased and depraved humanity.  Then taking on Himself their sins and in His grave suffering, enduring their rants against Him.  Yet even troubles and trials and the greatest test of suffering ever given anyone--these were still works of glory.  

But there's more.  The Resurrection.  The Ascension.  His love and life working through thousands of years of believers.  John, falling as if dead at the appearance of the Eternity Future Jesus of The Revelation.  As King, ruling unruly Earth with peace for a thousand years.  Sending Satan and his God-hating armies reeling with a word.  He creates a new heaven and a new Earth which eye has not seen nor ear heard.  At last His blood-bought family, finally gathered in one place, billions worship and adore Him.  I see it...the ever increasing glory of Jesus' story.

So why should I allow what seems impossible or irreparable in my life story to make me doubt that our Father is good for His promise to make me like Jesus with ever increasing glory?  For those who love Him, He promised He is working all things for good and for His glory.  The question is, "Do I dare to believe what He said, or do I settle for what I see or feel?"

Don’t measure yourself.  Don’t compare.  Don’t doubt or dread, or think that this tough time or this wilderness is pointless.  Accept the God interruptions and re-directions.  The God surprises.  Straight paths, or stop signs. Great works, or fall-on-our-face fumbles.  Trust Him that He is transforming us with ever increasing glory.  ~ martha langley