Saturday, October 12, 2013

Breaking Through ~ Guest Post

Powerfully Breaking Through

"Seeing that His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us...."
(2 Peter 1:3-4)

It was amazing to watch my granddaughter stretching, toning, and toughening her little-girl frame for her gymnastics class. But when she was hurting from injury, or when, in gymnastic competition, I saw tears flowing because of a misstep, or fall, or receiving seemingly unjust scores, I could not wait until that moment afterward to break through the crowd, grab her into my arms, reassure her how much she is loved, and take her home.

Long ago, before the foundations of the world, God looked into Eternity Future. He saw there the objects of His love, struggling with their limitations. Exhausting themselves to prove their worth. Empty of peace. His heart longed to break through to them, grab them into His arms, and take them Home. Even though He knew some would not listen. Some would not believe that He had come, in love, to save them. Still, with incredible, beyond description compassion, "the lamb slain before the foundation of the world" became reality.

And for those of us who would come to love that Lamb, although the world would make us face injuries, injustices, and tears, God made certain that we would be reassured of His love for us. That He would in every way possible, break through to us.

In times of worship, His bigger-than-the-Universe presence breaks through, melting flesh away like wax. Heaven's Bridegroom sings His love song over us, making us realize our greatest need is more of Him.

In times in God's Word, His wisdom breaks through, imparting and implanting fresh understanding, soul deep. Sweet peace. Rest.

Jesus' own heartbeat echoes within ours as He walks through the day with us. We don't have to see the path beneath, or know the next turn, or the end of the road. The fear of obstacles, stumbles, or falls, is broken by His masterful, but tender grip.

Even in times of much work at hand, God's Spirit empowers the daunting, (and more than we know) the impossible. He exchanges weariness for a lightened load. Sacrifice wears a smile. Jesus' greater-than-all-our-sins grace breaks through for others. We hold no stones. Ministry pours out like a fragrant, healing balm. Without force we speak His truths. Nothing remains as "mine."  All is His.

In all these times and all these ways, God, in love, breaks through to us. He takes us up into His arms, reassures us, and holds us close. And one day, one glorious day, He'll even take us Home with Him.

Father God, help us to remember in the darkest times, the deepest struggles, when we feel we have nothing left to give, or even to live for, You are there, and You will faithfully break through to us with Your love, Your peace, and Your rest. 
~  martha langley