Monday, August 15, 2016

What will be is yet to see

Thinking why are we the way we are....

My once pastor said that maybe our life is a reason but it is not an excuse the way we are.

How many times I have thought well I am just like my mom.  Or if it doesn't work I may try being like my did without even realizing.  I am who I am because of the way I was raised.

There are influences in our life that help determine who we are but we can use them to our advantage and for our good instead of a complaint and excuse.

My mom was that way because her dad died when she was a baby  The excuses go on and on.  My dad was not hard on me or my mom was a soft lady  The excuses go on.  Why I should have had this opportunity and poor me.  I just couldn't help it.   This made me the way I am.  I blame my life, my opportunities, my parents, those bad breaks.

Yes these thing do help form us but we can use them all to our advantage and we are not prisoners to our lives or the people who have been a part of our lives.  We may think we are a product but it is not the final say of who we are and the life we will have.

They were small when that happened.  That is why they are like that.

They can't help the way they are.  They were born that way.

Life would be all together different if we believed we had a say so in who we will become.  I am like this because my parents and my world has shaped me.  I can't help who I am.  What I do or what I am like.

The truth is we have a will given to us by God and we have the Holy Spirit given to us.  We have a say so about the people we become.  It maybe a reason why we have a struggle but we do not have to stay that way all ways.  We have a choice about many things.  A God given choice.

We need to see the wonder in our lives and in our world and the people that has helped for us and what we can do and change and help.  Our lives would open wide open and we would become fearless and full of wonder if we saw our lives as no limits.

May we see our lives, others and our selves with the wonder of God.  We are not slaves to sin nor this life but full of hope and Spirit that has no limits.

This does not send a discontentment but instead a huge contentment for who we are and the life we have rather than that we are forced into a place or a life we are most unhappy with.  It gives us a huge measure of control and purpose instead of complaint and discontent.

Life becomes the glory God intended it to be and the joy that it was made to have all at once.

Living each day in the moment and in the fullest.  In the now and present is all we have.