Friday, January 8, 2016

Beauty in the Beast

Gods beauty is everywhere...

This trip showed me a picture of heaven and Gods beauty.  I not only had beautiful scenery but I was

removed from hard circumstances.  It was absolute bliss.  I had such a wonderful time with great

people.  There was no disagreements, no pain, no suffering, no hunger, no physical hardship for me.

It was bigger than life.

Then I returned to real life...

Upon reentering life when I returned to South Carolina, real life began to happen.  I was confronted

with the effects of a sick dog being nursed at my home.  Of Christmas now dead and still up, to be

taken down.  With the reminder of high cholesterol from one doctor and a dental appointment from

another that is never good.  With paying for last minute Christmas that was bought, mail that had to

be sorted through, clothes to be washed, and on and on life confronted me.

Where is the beauty now?

The question entered my mind...where is the beauty now.  I had a taste of heaven but now reality.

What has God shown me about Himself and living this life in the world but not of the world?

I ask myself where is the beauty amongst the pain and the suffering?  The world of sin, abuse,

addiction, the dying, the wars and rumors of wars?  Among the hardships of no jobs, and broken

homes, and the widows and the terminally ill?  The fighting and conflicts and the depression and

mental illness?  The suicide and murders and abandonments, the stealing and lies and hopelessness?

Where He is, there is beauty.

I am reminded that God is beauty wherever He is or has been.  This life can be a beast!  Even in a sin sick, fallen, broken, cursed world there is redemption.  There is restoration and beauty He brings in the midst of ashes.

There is light in the dark world of hate and revenge and bitterness and anger.  There is peace and joy

in trusting the One who holds our future in His loving, caring, powerful hands.  There are gifts to be

used to bring freedom to the captive and liberty to those in bondage.  There are songs to be sung and

dances to be done among those whose lives are in shambles and see no end to the long road of

disgrace and unhappiness.

There still is creation that speaks of His love.  Of His gifts of creation to be enjoyed in food, and

drink, in our senses of taste and feel and touch and hear.  Gifts of being creative and learning and

teaching and growing into His likeness.  Of love and laughter and acceptance of a good friend or

a selfless family who longs to bring Him glory.  Where the self centeredness and selfishness dies

for the betterment of others.

There is not greater beauty than being in His presence and having the promise of the Promise Keeper,

God Himself.  Of the indwelling of His Spirit and the comfort and healing He brings to us all who

were doomed for hell.  The longing for eternal life and glory to be revealed in us there to honor and

worship Him forever.

Of the blessings and workings of Him in everyday life...

The joy we have and opportunity to join Him in the bringing of His kingdom in the here and now.

There is no greater joy than serving Him and others.  Of receiving all He has for us in the cross.  Of

Him meeting our every need in Him.  Of soaking in His love and provision and Him sustaining us

and giving us a strength and power and wisdom we do not have.  Of stepping out in faith and even

in the fear and seeing Him bring miracle after miracle among those we love and hurt for.  Doing

the impossible in a world that has rejected Him.

I think of the new fallen snow and the forgiveness and cleansing He brings into our lives.  Freeing

us from guilt and shame and hidenness and the walls of protection we have build around ourselves.

The trama of failure and mistakes and regret.  He brings out of it all beauty.  The creator, sustainer

of life and breath is our beauty.  He raises the dead, gives sight to the blind and ears to the deaf.

He softens the hardest hard heart and gives humility to the most prideful and self righteous.  He has

shown us a way to deal with anger, anxiety, fear, and unbelief and sin and the effects others sin has on

 us.  He is a Father to the fatherless, a husband to the widow and not married and a best Friend to

those whow have none.

He has shown us coming to Him in it all,  is the only way.  Taking part in community, His word and

His Spirit.  Through personal relationship with Him and others.

He is the beauty.  He is the answer.  He is the

                                                             King of all Kings

These are the things He taught me through His gift.