Friday, January 22, 2016

Off with the old, on with the new!

Good morning!  I have been really busy with my time away from blogging.  I believe God is giving me some direction in the way I am to go here.  I am excited and just want to follow through and see what God is up to.

Just some thoughts...

I have had some wonderful teachers and preachers in my life.  I still look to them all and will continue to do so but...I have realized that the Spirit is my teacher.  There are lots of things I have thought about in the past.  I felt like scripture lined up with it.  But it might not be the norm.  

What I have wondered is how much our society has made up laws for us to live by.  Some of it seems to me to be a day and age thing.  I will explain later but I hope this will set some of us free to love God and love others better.

I want you to feel free to disagree with me.  For sure I do not know alway the right thing and the right way so we need each other.  I would love your comments on what you are seeing in the scripture and lets wrestle with it a while.

Another day...

One other thing I would like to talk about is how to love our husbands and our children.  How to allow the Lord to build our home.  The next thought may run into this one.  How to make our house a home.  How to do hospitality and not just entertain.

I want to be more creative this year...

 I want to do a little fresh look to my living area and not spend a lot of money.  I have some thoughts and have been on the computer and magazines and praying just the direction to go.

I want to give some before and after pictures and see which way to go.  I would love your thoughts.

And then...

Being more creative this year is going to be a stretch for me because I am not necessarily creative by nature.  But I believe it is good for my mind and soul to be so.

We might cover ways to serve others.  Crafts.  Time alone with the Lord.  I might just share pictures and or give thoughts the Lord is giving me about some new to do in my day.  Again I would love to hear from you.

We might visit some homes of my friends.  Share with you their homes, ideas and creativity.  How they spend their time with the Lord and friends and family.  It will not to be to show off pretty homes although some maybe.  But it will be there place to meet with the Lord.  Their cozy spots, comfort zones for them and friends.  It maybe a wonderful family room or it maybe a walk in the woods or a swing on a porch or a rock or flowers they sit by; their kitchen and cooking ideas.  It maybe their ministry or place they work.  Thing God has taught them and how He has met them in the struggle and pain.  Their joys and delights.  Their own gifts and creativity God has given them.  I really don't know.  Lets just see what God does.

I would love to have a new blog.  Right now I do not have the resources but would you pray that God would do that if it is in His plan.  I have thought a lot about this.  I would like for the title to be something like "Home is where Gods heart is".  I have also thought about "Home is where our heart is".  I would love any suggestions.  Be creative here to.  Think spark and spunk!

So we will see how it goes.  I am not sure when to start or how to.  So I need prayer for that too.  Please pass the word and invite other women to come along.  You men are invited.  I would love to have your opinions and give some to your wife or girlfriend.  But this is mostly going to be to women.

We need each other.  To teach, encourage and to give truth in love to one another.  I cannot do this without you and the Spirit so pitch in.  Any extra ideas you might enjoy reading or any gifts you might have to share please do and come along.  

Can't wait to hear from you and the Lord...

I am praying God will take what little I have in my hand and multiply it.  That He will bring His goodness and mercy and blessing through this to many.  That the gospel will go forth in the power it is.  That I would be obedient to where He is leading.  That you might find great joy in it and in Him through this adventure.