Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wash me and I will be clean. Whiter than snow.

My daughter's house.

I love, when it snows.  I don't know where I was exactly, but without warning.  Somewhere on my way between home and the store, large white glistening flakes began to fall.   I was excited and continued into the store with the thoughts that we could be house bound for a couple of days.  Just the walk from my car to the store was like a winter wonder fairy land.  I loved it.  I felt the cold melting on my face and I took a deep inhale of life.

By morning the farm was breath taking.  One reason I love the snow is because of taking pictures.  I had hoped all of us at the farm,  could gather in the snow in the afternoon.  My husband knew of my plans and he said, if you want to get those pictures you better go ahead.  The snow is melting fast.

As I approached the other side of the farm, I began to pray...Lord let me see your beauty.  Let me see with your eyes.  The snow is melting and I don't see it.

 I parked the car and walked around with my camera, scripture began to come to my mind.  Then roll off of my tongue.  I was singing and worshiping God, to Him, in the most beautiful moments.  It was moments I won't soon forget.  Time seemed to stand still.

It came to me in the mindfulness of it all...That is what we are.  We are washed whiter than snow.  We are the new fallen snow.  These truths sank deep within my being and brought such happiness and freedom.  All I could do was experience the truth I knew to be true.  Tears began to stream down my cheeks.  It was such a epiphany.  I hesitated and drew it all in rhythm .  All  at once I was fully known and fully loved.  Such a joy came over me.

I took a quick glance down the drive, stood and focused.  It was muddy, dirty and messy.  It was hard on my heart and my imagination. The beauty that I saw just a short while ago seemed to have vanished before my eyes.  The snow was melting away.  Somehow in the ugliness I was captured, but in another way.  The scenery I had just froze in time, within my camera, moments later, was gone.

How quickly we forget... who we really are "in Christ".  The thought of being forgiven makes no real impact and brings no relief or change in our lives.  No freedom.  No joy and peace and contentment.

When our hearts begin to receive all God has for us in Christ...We begin to know and see who we really are.  Who God created us to be.  Our love is becoming perfected.  We sense a true caring for others more than ourselves.  The chains fall off and we began to take risk we have never taken before.
Gods will becomes ours.  His love for His people and us become ours for Him and others.  We take on the beauty of our Creator in fresh, new confession and repentance and faith.  It is a life long journey of knowing and understanding what Christ has done for us at Calvary.  But we begin to see evidence of these things.  The person of Christ lives through us.  We grasp a taste of what we truly mean to Him and how very much He cares.  That He is so for us.

I can only worship and trust my God who is full of mercy who has brought me to this place in my life time of loving Him.  He has breathed life into these dry bones.  Rescued me over and over again from death itself.  He has brought order in my confused world.  Only He can bring goodness out of me.

When we believe the lies that we do not have purpose and are not loved.  The dirt, guilt and shame of our once, delighted in selves, take over.  We forget the promises God has made to us.  We forget our inheritance.  That we will reign with Christ.  That all He has is shared with us.  Even His glory is to be manifested in us.  Our Heavenly Father loves us as He loves His own Son.  His very Spirit dwells within us never to leave.

We must remind each other of the good news of the Gospel.  That Christ died for sinners.  That we are righteous...His perfect life is ours and our sin is His.  We are a new creation.  We have a new heart and the mind of Christ. He is praying for us. It is finished.  It is completed.  We are delighted and loved.  All we have to do is believe within hearts.  Live it out through each and every day, in the power of the Spirit.  That others may worship Him.

This is what I saw on that Day!