Friday, January 1, 2016

Each day holds a surprise.

In the next few days, I want you to go away with me.

Saturday morning I am going on a trip with my son and his friends to Colorado.  I am going from the

hills of South Carolina to the mountains of Colorado.  From 70 degree weather in December to the 

snow covered state with freezing degrees I don't even have clothes to wear.

God has been setting me free...

Three years ago, I found myself sitting on my porch at the farm for hours at a time.  I would then go 

to my computer and zone out from reality on my computer.  Then as depression would hit, I would 

find myself in my bed once more for days at a time.  My house was neglect, my husband and my life.

All I did was exist.

I was filled with anxiety and fear.  I could not leave my house but for an hour at a time once a week 

or so.  I was a controlling, fearful person who did not trust God or love people more than myself.  I

was self focused and introspective on my sin, guilt and shame.

In the next few days, I want you to read my journal.

I hope to send lots of time with God and His creation.  Lots of time with my son and his friends.  Just 

soaking in the creation of God.  Taking pictures and meeting people from around the country there to 

do the same.

I will be journaling and I want to write it here for you daily, is my plan.  I want to post pictures of 

what I see and learn while I am there.

So it will be fun.

It will be a lot of fun, so invite others.  Lets go on a trip together.  Lets move out of our comfort zones 

and dare to experience God and His world as never before.  I have no idea what to expect but I know

I expect amazing things from my amazing God.

Use your imagination and lets GO!

This year I want to be different.  I want my life with God and others to be different.  I want to risk 

and be daring and open to change and enjoy as I never have before the things God has for me.  I want 

to trust God and expect surprises from Him daily.  Good things He has for me and mine.  I want to be 

a part of it all.  I want to count it all joy.  I want to be thankful in all things.  To glorify God in my life 

to serve others and to be about repentance and humility.  

I cannot even think about these things about from the life of Christ being lived in and through me.  I 

want to soak in His presence and feast at His table and wash other feet and let Him wash mine.  I 

want to lose my life that I may gain it.  I want to die to my will so that I might live bodily in the 

resurrection of Christ and His power.  I want to notice the small things and be in awe of them.  I don't

want to miss a part of life being afraid or anxious to live in the fullness of God.

Henri Nouwen says each day holds a surprise.  Only as we seek to see it can we experience it, see it

and participate in it.  God is a generous gift giver.  He gives good gifts in the good and the bad.  Look 

for it, expect it and drown yourself in it.

My son said we have this little bit of life to invest in eternity.  Each day is a gift my friend always 

said.  Live in the moment.  In the here and now for tomorrow may never come.  All we really have is 

this very moment.  Live it to the fullest.  You were promised not just an ok life but an abundant life in 


So goodbye South Carolina.  Tomorrow tomorrow I love ya tomorrow.  Its only a day away...