Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blessing and a curse?

I have had a tooth ache recently.  I noticed when I took my meds the tooth ache went away.  Seemed strange.  Also my body has been aching.  But the same thing happened there too.

I mentioned this to the dentist and she didn't know.  I mentioned it to my doc and he knew right away.  He said the med, that deals with antidepressant tells the brain the pain is not there and to ignore it.  Hmm  He said also we couldn't decrease the med until after my tooth was taken care of because my tooth would weaken my immune system.  I suppose to have a healthy mind you need a healthy immune system.

I talked to my doc about wanting a life style change.  It is so hard, isn't it?  To be healthy.  To make changes.  Sometimes fear brings change but as soon as you get comfortable right back you go.

You know all foods and drink are good because they are a gift from God.  To enjoy God through His gift to you whether it is a Big Mac or a salad is no different, but if you want to be healthy you might want to choose the salad.  But you are not sinning to eat the hamburger unless your conscience bothers you, then you shouldn't eat it.  Also if I am with you and it bothers you, I shouldn't eat it either.  You don't want to cause someone else to stumble,  or do something you think is a sin.  But we are free in Christ and to directly enjoy Him or in directly enjoy Him through His gifts and creation is a wonderful thing.  I don't know if it is the world, the flesh or the devil but my conscience does bother me when I eat things that are not healthy.  It could be the Spirit in me.   Danny,  gets up every night and eats a little Debbie Cake and drinks milk and it doesn't bother him at all.

I have always talked to my guys about enjoying God through their gifts, whether it is sports, riding in a rodeo or farming that to be with God and realize it is a gift from God.  To let it point to Him.

I love to be creative.  I am not very much so, but I enjoy taking pictures and writing and changing up the house, walking the farm and enjoying the animals and the scenery.  How many times do you see the sun rise and think about God?  Look at the stars and wonder about Him?  Scripture says none if us are left with an excuse, because all of creation speaks that God is God and He is bigger and more wonderful than we can imagine.  It speaks of His love to us.

All through scripture God uses creation to illustrate who He is like a tree, a vine, branch, river, fruit, on and on.  Creation speaks of God so when you go for a run, or wash the clothes, watch a secular movie or sing a song about love it all points to God.  When He finished creating, He looked and said it is good.  You are His most valued creation.  Can you imagine?  So enjoy your friends, and family and people in your day, they speak of Christ.  God speaks through them in ways you can't imagine unless you ask the Spirit to help you and listen for it.  If I am talking to my husband about a dinner I am going to make, it can remind Him of the feast we will have with God in heaven or the abundant life we have now or how we commune with Him through communion, or creating, or eating or whatever we do let it point you to God.

I have experienced this and I don't know if I ever would have apart from having my mental illness.  It has been a blessing where God has used to bring me to deeper more precious moments and years with Him.  It also is a curse where a woman that loves to think and study has to fight to read a paragraph and can't most of the time without fighting her thoughts.  Or struggling just to concentrate.

We who have mi wear our hearts on our sleeve. There are many things we commonly deal with.   Just like someone with diabetes, you think they will have to watch their sugar.  There might be many things involved you don't know. Such as genetics and more.  Every illness can ask the question,  how did we not take care or look how the fall has affected me.  But it can be a blessing.  To draw near and be thankful to God than you have ever been or grumble and complain.  I have done both...Today I rejoice and thank Him that He is God and not me.  I am one more blessed crazy lady lol and I just got to tell somebody about my GOD.