Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sweet Sorrow

Saying good bye to the grands.  Such sweet sorrow.  I had tear filled eyes as they left but smiles in my heart upon the memories we had made.  I would hold on to them when I could not hold on to the kiddos.  I was reminded that we were created and brought into the family of God not out of a need but out of an overflow of Love between the Father, Son and Spirit.  They just had to share it.  That is how I feel about my family.  The Lord has such love for me and me Him I just have to share it so it goes to my family, friends and to you.  Hope you enjoy the departing pictures and see that love that we shared in their faces reflecting their sweet hearts.

Today the kids leave.  Tomorrow the tree comes down.  Back to real life I go.  I pray show me how to live Lord.  Show me how to love.  How to forgive and be forgiven.  How to enjoy and find joy.  How to be a peace maker and find peace.  How to seek your face and the face of others that are hurting and oppressed.  That are needy and broken hearted.

May I trust in your righteousness and not my own because indeed I have none of my own.  May I love and live out of that righteousness that is mine with a radical abandonment that is a taste of how you loved and lived for me.

May you remind me of my sonship, righteousness, your love.  May you teach me, convict me and make me whole.  Heal in the places that I have not allowed you into.  Free me from sin, fear and unbelief and created in me the new heart that is within me daily.  Grant me the daily gift of repentance and faith.  Change me Lord.  May I live in your grace that is bountiful given and give it just as merciful to others.

Keep my children and my grandchildren.  May they grow to love you more each day.  Make them more into your likeness.  Give them bounds of love for others and you and the hurting.  Teach them and protect them from the world. I trust whatever hardships they face in life will teach them to love, to receive more and more of your love and to trust you more.  I send them off into trusting you Father that you are faithful and are so very able.  May they grown to trust in only you.  Mold them, make them and give them a rest, peace, joy, wisdom and love that only you can give.  Give them humble hearts that knows you are their only hope.  May they live life in the abundant promise that you give.  Lastly I pray for their spouses Lord.  That they be Godly men and women who will love them as you love themselves.  That they will help them to become more like your very own Son.

May I live and laugh and love and see and hear and know as I have never known before.  May my focus not be on me but on you and what you have done for me.  It is finished you cried.  May I cry that same cry, "Lord you said it is finished".  May I live in that freedom and worship you all of my days.  May I proclaim your freedom, character, love, teaching and faithfulness til my last breath.  In Jesus name I pray and adore you.