Saturday, January 25, 2014

Keep Hope Alive

Now these things remain, faith, hope, love.  But the greatest of these is love

Our failures do not thwart God's purposes. Rick Thomas with Counseling Solutions. Trust God and move forward or God maybe calling you to do the really hard thing and just wait on Him. Regret can keep you in bondage. The what if's and the if only's. God uses our sin even for our good and His glory. He restores the years the locus have eaten. We cannot take back yesterday. Do not live there it only robs you of today. Do not live in fear of tomorrow what may never happen but be intentional in the lives of the people you love and are around you. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Look to Him. He will give you the faith and wisdom you need to love others in a real, honest, truthful and selfless way. Love others as He has loved you. He laid down His life for you that you might have life and love others with the same kind of love. So you failed? So did I. You cannot drink spilt milk but you can pour another glass. Drink deeply of the grace of God and sit in His presence. Let Him heal you and give you hope that only He can give.

Be an encourager. Someone full of hope and life. Give the words of life. Point each other to Jesus. Find someone doing something good and tell them about it. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Seek to follow Him in all your ways and when you are not trusting Him repent. Ask others to forgive you for not loving them as you should and let Him pick you up and begin again. It is never too late for new beginnings. For there to be redemption in the life of another or our lives. For every one look at your sin take 10 looks at Jesus, Jack Miller. Grace is for the humble. Humble yourself and He will life you up. He is our hope. He loves you with an everlasting love that does not give up. Don't you give up but let go. Surrender. Know the things that have happened in your life are as they were meant to be. Learn from them and go forward resting in the finished work of Jesus.

We cannot get it right if we are going to live life. Loving people is risky business but it is worth the risk. Shake off your guilty stains and collapse into the arms of the One who cares and has compassion for you. The only One who can do anything about life or give life. He is the way, the truth and the life. His grace is ever flowing like the waves upon the seashore. It never ends. To the cross I cling. Lord Jesus nothing do I bring. It is all of His grace and mercy.

We are clay on the Potters Wheel. We have lumps and bumps and the wheel is turning but His hands are never taken off of it, the clay, us. He is creating and molding us in His image. A person of beauty and life full of laughter, and tears and joy and peace. We are that clay pot full of cracks, wounds. But there is a bright and glimmering and beautiful light shinning within and without and it is Jesus. His light gives us the beauty and purpose and value and love and belonging we long for. It all is mercy and His grace. We are His trophies of grace, Tim Keller. So go forth and let your light shine for others to see your hope and your King, for He reigns and will be faithful to us all in spite of ourselves. He is about rescuing us from us, from sin and death and giving us a life of love and purpose we cannot fathom nor create on our own.
Some of the things that help me keep hope alive is being in Gods creation and loving my friends and family.  These are some of our pictures that bring me hope.

I love hiking with friends to the nearby waterfalls...

Nothing like the friend and her newborn baby, at one of Lees rope ins, to bring hope

Friends at several parties, their dog and a crawfish lol.

Lee and Sarah doing what they love.  A newborn calf.

Danny and our grandson, Ford.

Lee, our son, doing what is his gift...



 My guys love being out in the cold in the early morning time, hunting...

 I love sunrises and sunsets.

 Our sweet granddaughter and her friend Georgia.

 Danny's best times with the Lord is on this tractor.

 I love being with friends and being encouraged in time with them.

 My friend Anglia greet me and Danny many mornings with a smile and a cup of coffee.

Do whatever you can to be with those you love, God and be encouraged, do today, don't wait.  God maybe calling you to just be still and be with Him and listen.  Whatever the case He will guide you.  Our hearts and the hearts of others depend on not loosing hope in Christ.  He is our hope.  Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but longings fulfilled brings a tree of life.