Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Quest for Glory



We all are on a quest for Glory!

To live is to seek glory.  We as christians are to live our lives as to 

glorify God.  Whether you eat or drink or whatever you it 

all to the glory of God.

For many years I have asked, "what is the glory of God?"  

John Piper defines it this way...
 God's glory is the radiance of his holiness, the radiance of his manifold, infinitely worthy and valuable perfections..

Since I was but a little girl I sought beauty.  Beauty in me and around me.  I sought "bigger and better."  I wanted to have and be the best I could be.  

Whether it was serving others mud pies in my play house.  Running my sister around in my surrey with a motor and fringe on top.  I wanted the fastest, cutest, most fun, out of it all.

It didn't end there but continued through my years...As a teenager I wanted to be liked.  I wanted the funkiest clothes and be the most popular.  This spoke glory, my glory, to me.

I remember my friend, whom I loved, she smoked.  She said I am sure you don't smoke. People say you are good and don't do things like that.  I wanted her approval and for her to like me.  I wanted to be a part of her group.  So I said, "yes, I smoke."  My friend died of smoking and it has been one of the worst decisions of my life.  All because I sought my glory.

But God used that and many other seemly  failures to show me my utter frailty.  My desperate need for Him.  My need for those who love me to enter in.  Wanting to say no to my sin and walk away.  To know my need to be honest about my hopelessness in finding my own way, my own glory.

When I became a young woman...I wanted the most successful husband.  The most talented and happy children.  Yes, to even be the best christians.  All to sit one day, in my bedroom nursing my newborn child saying, is this all there is to life?

I was at the pinnacle of life with all the success and wealth a woman could have.  I was miserable.  Seeking my glory had not satisfied.  It had been a BIG LIE.

 The tables began to turn

I saw that happiness was not in a book.  It was not seeking someone else's way of life.  But it was in Jesus.  I began a life of repentance and trusting God.  It has continued to grow until this day...

There are days I still struggle with wanting to trust in my knowledge.  Still trusting I know what is best.  What will make me enjoy glory.  Still thinking I know what will bring life to my family and me.

I search for significance, peace and joy in the world, creation.  Instead of knowing my identity and acceptance is in Christ.  His glory is Him breaking down my confidence and giving me faith.  Faith of a child to jump in my Fathers arms.  It is being thankful right where I am.  In the moment of the here and now.  Even in the hard.

I have found a new way to glory

I have great friends and a great God whose Spirit reminds me.  When I forget.   
Glory is found in giving God His glory.  
God will not share His glory with another.
But we share in "HIS" glory.

To me God's glory is everything beautiful.  He makes all things right.  

God's glory is how He uses even my sin for good.  It is the coming of His Sons life, death and resurrection for me.  Less I ever forget!

It is Who He is.  It is His greatness and holiness.  It is His love, compassion and grace to a broken mankind.  It is His passion for His glory to be reflected in me.

Tim Keller says...We are trophies of His grace.

We are and will be in heaven a display of His glory.  

Gods greatness and glory is already complete.

We cannot add to it but we can declare it and parade it.  We are to reflect it in is brightness and beauty.  Let your light so shine.

We find happiness, joy and contentment when we are worshiping Him, glorifying Him.  When He is the first and the last and in-between   When we give God the credit in our living life to the fullest we enjoy Him.  We enjoy others and see the best in them.  We seek to encourage and built up, not reject and tare down. 

There is no greater life than living to the glory of God.

When we realize His ways are not ours.  That He is committed to His glory.  That He gives life and breath to dry bones.  That He is passionate about our hearts for Him.  We learn to trust Him in and with our lives and others.  

We learn to love ourselves.  

Embrace our weakness.  

Our hearts long for Him and His will to be given to us.  We begin to rest in Him.  

Our anxious thoughts, fears and controls begin to subside.

We forget self promotion, being right, self protection, self dependence and self glory, even self pity.   Beginning to be free to glorify God in all that we do.  By loving God and loving others.  Speaking truth and acceptance.

He becomes more than enough for us.  We begin to be satisfied in ways we looked everywhere for.  We realize the only thing that sustains us is Him.  Life is found in sharing in Gods glory.  Sharing His love.  Sharing Jesus.  Always giving thanks to God, our Father, in everything in Christ Jesus.

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of       His glory, in Christ Jesus.