Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What do you see?

What do you see when you look at your spouse?  your child?  your friend?  your enemy?  those who believe different from you?  those who are struggling and not having much victory?  Are we full of mercy and love and walk humbly with our God?

Without realizing it the last several weeks I have become discouraged.  It was just like a low cloud hanging over my head.  Some on the things that have happened to my brothers and sisters.  The anger we respond to what we don't understand.  The toleration and the lack of love.  The message of the gospel seemly hurt.  I was grieving.  I became a discouragement and self focused and hopeless.

I began to think, what does the gospel say?  It says Christ has won.  It is over.  It is finished.  We are His and nothing can separate us.  He has brought us into His own and He has defeated evil and satan.

How do I see those in my life?  Do I see the best in them?  Do I see the things they do well or what is wrong?  Not that I ignore sin but is my focus their sin or what God is doing in them?  Do I allow myself to be taught by them.  Is my hope in me and what I can do in this world to change it or in our Lord who has victory over all.

Am I expectant at what God will do today for me and the lives of those I love?  Jesus came to serve not to be served.  Am I more interested in what others can do for me?  Do I treat others how I am treated or how I want to be treated?  Do I see the love and treatment and care others have for me.  Do I live in the grace of God and extend that grace to others?Am I more interested in enjoying people and God than I am about getting what I want in life.  In people changing the way I think they should change.  In me changing as I want and not waiting on the Lord in faith and patience.

Am I giving my heart, vulnerability, honesty and openness to those who are hurting or am I afraid they will hurt me.  Do I know we conquer evil with love?  That Jesus did not come to judge the world but to bring sinners to repentance.  Am I quick to admit when I am wrong?  Am I willing to listen with an open heart and mind or am I thinking about how I can reply?  Do I listen to my loved ones and their concerns and thoughts and opinions and dreams.  Do I love the brother that is not like me.  Not that I excuse his sin or mine.  Even those that sin against me do I respond in anger, bitterness and pettiness.  Do I respond to them in sin?  Do I think I am better than those who have struggled more than me?  In those I would have done it different?  Do I analyze, justify and blame others for me and my struggles and life?  Or do I accept myself and my life and those in my life and circumstances as those God has placed in my life to make me who He wants me to be?  To enjoy them?  To bring glory to Himself?  To give me only good things?  When bad things happen do I question Gods love and goodness for me?

Do I drink in the love of God and others like there is no tomorrow?  Do I breath deep only to dream of the coming Lord and the home He has prepared for me and those who love Him?  Do I face my fears and doubts with a humble courage that trust Him?  Do I ask myself each day what difference can I make in someones life?  How can I encourage them?  How can I instill hope in them and tell them the Love of God that never changes?  Do I catch others doing good?  Do I see the grace in their lives?  Do I build up my brother and sister, I ask myself again.  Do I fight evil with good?  Am I a part of the good or part of the problem?  As I see others to I value them more than myself?  May I remember who I am in Christ and spread the truth to other believers.  May I be full of joy and peace because Christ has come.

Lord change me..Create in me a clean heart.  One that delights to worship you and glorify you and see you in the lives of others.  Give me a life of worship and surrender.  One that knows how to lay my life down for others and pick up my cross and follow you.  One who knows how to giggle, and laugh and be expectant of the best in others.  What do you see when you look at me?  I want it to be Jesus.  I want to see Jesus when I look at you.  Lord change me to a heart of surrender and trust.  May I live today like it is my last.  May I press on in hard times and look to you even when I don't.  May I gain the trust of others and be a safe place to hurt and play and dream.  Give me the eyes of Jesus to see you in my everyday and the blessings that are all around me.  I pray for a thankful, grateful, hopeful heart.  Lord may I let you live your life through me.  May I be one of blessing and encouragement that sees and lives out of the passion, power, joy and peace of the Gospel.

God made Paul blind and then He gave him eyes to see.  Give me please Lord, eyes to see you.  Apart from you none of this is possible.  I need you evermore.  When I look at me there is no hope.  But you hope abounds.