Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Divine Rescue

As the day begins, we grab our coffee and head to the social media.  There we are faced with endless tweets from the wise and ours that have dropped off yet one more time.  We see the vacations and the smiling faces of beautiful people who appear to be happy, wealthy and content.  And remember ours that lacked more than we would like to remember.  People landing new jobs, marriages, and opportunities that seem to point to happily ever after.  Blogs of the creative and overwhelming numbers following their lead.  The wisdom of the bible teaches and we wonder why didn't I read more or pray more.  The podcast that give us instant information and motivation.  Or does it? If they don't I have wasted yet more time in my day.

Do these things encourage us to be better and happier or not?  If they do not they lay us bare in a river  surely to drown us before the morning ends.  We need to not compare ourselves to those whose lives seem more together or whose waste seems smaller and wrinkles less.  Oh and the diets and the self helps for keeping us younger roll in-between all these things.  These things are an illusion at times of what we think life should be.  But it is not the bold truth that life is a struggle.  Relationships are hard.  Money is tight for most.  We get a sudden high putting ourselves in their places and we dream only to be defeated as the reality wears in.

This was such a morning for me.  I woke defeated.  The house was a mess.  The scales said I had gained yet another pound and could I motivate myself for that walk today? Where do I begin? I miss my family and God where do I begin?   I new something was wrong as the energy drained from me.  I began to pray.  To tell the Lord exactly where I was and what my struggles were.  I ask for the divine rescue that He had provided me so many times and I waited.  My feet were heavy and my heart was overwhelmed with just getting through yet another day of defeat.  I prayed for a clear mind and for the depression to leave me.  I tried to refocus.  Maybe if I begin thanking Him and remember the blessings.  Maybe if I claim His promises and remember He is my Rock?  What could He be teaching me this time, another time like the rest.   I ask people to pray.  I knew I was looking to the world and its enticements to bring me the peace and comfort that only Christ could bring.  But somehow I was helpless in my weak but steady efforts to rise above it all.  Only He could make me complete but could I and would I receive all He had for me this day in time?

Then there was the suffering of those I love and the state of our country.  The grief over the unborn babies that were being killed and the christians that were being murder and others who were sacrificing their lives for their faith.  The prejudices, and political battles over who is right and who is wrong.  One more christian had fallen and we were critical and lacked compassion in forgetting we are but a breath away.  The hurt and the pain of those asking for prayer yet one more day.  Do I believe mine will be answered this time.  If so, how and when?  Do I dare pray in my little faith for such big request?  Can I believe for those who also doubt?

As God would design a friend came to visit.  Then another.  My mind was captivated by them and their conversations.  My thoughts were taken off me and onto another, my friends and their lives and concerns.  We laughed and worked a little.  I began to see clearer.  My mind was beginning to give me peace.  My focus on my lack of success and my concerns for the things that did not matter seemed to disappear and the things that did matter I was trusting Him yet again.   Jesus had sent my friends and they had been my rescue.  The rest of the day I began to see my purpose of being here in more of a thrilling way that I had ever before.  Yes there were valleys, but it only led to the mountain top of knowing and depending on Jesus more.  This life is not my home but one was being prepared for me and I had an inheritance that would not fade.  Eternity was going to be glorious and I would never grow tired and weary but be enthralled in knowing God more.  My faith began to be renewed and my heart jumped for joy as I saw His faithfulness to me yet one more time.  I fall down and He picks me up as my dear friend says.  There is hope for a lost world.  We have a Redeemer that makes all things right.  A bright and shining armor that holds a warrior that fights our battles for us and prays for us one more day.  I am reminded of the power and strength that is mine.  The victory that has been won and the King who will never let me go and I rejoice and praise His name.