Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Simple pleasure...

This has been a weird week, the one before Mothers Day.  Just the other day, I laid in my bed in the middle of the day, thinking of my mom.  Of my good times with her, like tasting wine in the grocery story and going to cook steaks for Tam and Dad that night.  We laughed all the way through.  The card games she would play with my kids and let them win.  Well sometimes lol.  She loved playing games and making them want to beat her.  Of the laughs in the kitchen and at the pool and the shopping trips when I couldn't afford clothes, she would buy them all.  And the tears at us leaving time after time as she and dad stood on the porch as they watched us drive away.

My mom taught me how to be a lady and how to take care of my family and husband.  Her home, hospitality and gracious heart was always there.  She never shared the things she did for others.  It didn't matter to her.  She was concerned for the others and what they needed and how she could meet that need.  She taught me how honesty and character were important in this life and to God.

She use to say...we Wilson women and one bunch of strong women.  We can handle anything. Later in life her strength was her God and not her own.   Mom and I didn't talk much growing up.  I played, she worked.  I stuffed my feelings and tried to gain the approval I always had.  She ask me once, "why am I not your best friend to their daughter"?  I said I need you to be my mom not my friend.  I caused my mom a lot of pain in her life, like with me being sick.  It killed her to know the struggles my family and I had.

But as I grew older and had my own kids, my mom did become my best friend.  I thought of the regrets that day, last week,  as I laid in my bed, thinking of her and how much I missed her.  I cried like a baby, missing her, for the first time sense her death.  But not anymore.  She loved me beyond words and I always knew that.  I can't wait to see her again and tell her again, what a wonderful  mom she was.  Oh, things were not perfect.  They aren't meant to be.  Mothers Day is not really about how perfect we are as a parent, but how God is the perfect parent for us.  He is redeeming His children.  He is teaching us, as His little child, how to love Him and trust Him and depend on Him.  He teaches us to love our brothers and sisters, our enemies even and Him.  How to forgive and trust and hope again.  How to live.  How to have life in His life in us.  How to laugh and play and work and cry with others and alone.  The family is just a picture of Gods family.  He makes all things right in His time.  We are an imperfect picture of God, the perfect parent to our family.  We will fail and fall and be so tired at night, when we put them to bed, we think our back will break, as we lean over for a good nite kiss.

My advice to moms is...if you are your husband.  One of the best gifts you can give your children.  I know, I do not know him but both parents come into this family as sinners.

Talk when they are young, listen as they grow up.  Physical needs are important but the caring of your childs heart is what we all should be looking towards.

Teach them how to fail and succeed,  but mostly how to enjoy God and others.  The most important thing they can do in life is to love God and for it to play out in the way they live.  I am not talking about perfection but trusting.   Let them know these failures and sins just points them to Jesus and His love for them. Their need for Him, their Savior.   Encourage them of Gods working and His Word in their lives, to love His Word and how He never leaves them.  How you may let them down but He never will.  The importance of learning to be still and quiet with Him.  Seems impossible for the young today.

This is all I have.  Have a wonderful Mothers Day.  If yours is no longer with you, if she was a awful mom, if you don't even know who she is, if you had a great one...think and tell if possible just how much you love her and you will have a long life and be blessed.  Don't live in regret, but in the care and love of your Heavenly Parent who has had a plan all along for good.  Lets live in it.  Enjoy your children and let them know how much you love them and only God loves them more.  One of the greatest joys I have had in life has been my children.  I love them with all my heart.  It was part of Gods plan for me.  Each of ours are different.  Find the blessing in it if you can.  It is there.  You can be a mom, whether you have children of your own or not.  I know many.  God doesn't need us to parent our children.  He gives us the simple pleasure of doing it.