Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Little more time...

This past week was my birthday and our wedding anniversary of 45 years.  All I wanted in my life was to be a wife and mother.  I thought it would make me and my life complete.  Don't look to anyone to bring you happiness or worth. Only Jesus can fill that void in your heart.   I was self centered and self righteous.  Danny was a gruff coach.  The years and the good Lord has soften Him and brought me not to be so self centered.

I love Danny more now than I have every loved him before.  Marriage is suppose to be a picture of Christ and the church, His bride.  We have learned how to love each other selflessly.  Not perfect.  We apologize a lot to each other and go again depending on Christ to give us that love we need.

These last few days I have been reflecting what life is all about and marriage.  How to love someone more than you do yourself.  How to want more for them than yourself.  I have come to value each day with him.  We will not always be here together.  We will not always have precious moments like today.  It is a glimpse of heaven where God is making us both more into Jesus as He shows us a love that is so unlike us.  There have been a lot of joyful and painful moments for us both but I would not change a thing.  God had a perfect plan for us and our family.  We are so blessed with our children.  We are so proud of them and thank God that they are walking with Jesus.  My heart is full and thankful for who they are and how they give glory to God with their lives.  They have compassion out of hearts that have suffered but been healed and pass that on to others.

No matter what has happened in your life time.  No matter how painful. I don't like being mentally ill.  I have slept for days now.  But it is the plan God has for me to depend and trust more in Him and I hold His love for me in doing so.  Embrace the plan God has for you and give thanks in all things for your Father loves you.  Love the people you have now and see things in their hearts, good things, that they cannot see.

Thank you so much for all the well wishes and blessings for us.  I was touched, Danny was touched beyond words.  You have always supported us even in the tough times and we thank God for you.  Live life as full as you can and when you can't know God, your Father, holds you close.  He is oh so near and knows your heart.  Trust Him with it.  To please God is to trust in His Son.  His greatest give to you and me.  I will see you in heaven one day if you know Him, if not before.  Choose Jesus and life eternal that begins now.  As for now...I have a little more time.