Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Eye of the Storm

Have you seen the tv show where a couple of people chase tornados?  I hardly ever watch tv.  Don't know how to operate the control lol.  Seriously.  Not really interested but I love this show.  It always amazed me how fearless they were and how close to the storm they got.  What also struck my attention was in the middle of the storm things would be left untouched while all around there would be destruction.

Sometimes I awake in the middle of the morning.  Go to the bathroom and get some orange juice.  Well by that time I am awake and I might sit on the porch a little while thinking about God, my kids, my day.  This particular morning I got on my computer and checked my email.  Someone I loved was in a very hard place.  I wrote a prayer letter to a few close friends asking them for prayer.  By the time I had sent the email I was at a place of surrender.  Lord I don't know what is best for them.  I know you love them more that me.  You hear my petition, but I say Lord, what I want is what you know to be best for them.  It could be the hard way.  I am not expecting the worse but I am knowing that you are and that you are in control and whatever it is that comes you will be with them.  It is better that they be in a hard place if you will it, with you, than in what I think maybe the best place, an easy road, without you.  So be it Lord.  Your will be done.

At that moment I laid down and with much peace drifted off to sleep.  Could it be the Lord had answered my friends prayers for me even before they prayed?  I think so.  Upon getting up and reading my email there were several that said the very thing God had done in my heart.  He had brought me to a place of trusting Him and His plan.  My one time mentor said you don't know anything.  That is your biggest problem you think you know what is best.  He was right.

It doesn't always turn out this way, but we can find peace in the midst of our turbulent lives if we search for it, for Him.  It is through the trust of a little child we find peace.  Miraculous things transpired by morning and God was displaying His grace everywhere. He worked in ways I never imagined.  Not only that but He had taken me into the eye of the storm, near to His heart and desire.  The place of quiet, peace and joy in the midst of a very difficult space and time.  While all was raging around me I had found a place of trust that calmed my very weary spirit and soul.

It was a place near the heart of God.  He had me and the one I love and I knew whatever His will would be,  it would be ok.  I had no idea what the best circumstance for them was but He did and He would bring it to pass.  So as in the middle of the storm I found the peace that passes all understanding.  I might think I found it but it was Him finding me.