Friday, June 13, 2014

Feeling Discouraged?

Rebecca Halton

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Hi !
Can we talk for a second? I need to be honest with you: I've had some tough days. I'm sure you have, too -- which is why I'm sharing this with you...
...I want you to know that you're not alone. 
As difficult as some days have been -- since writing my first book three and a half years ago, or starting my own freelance-writing business last summer -- I wouldn't trade it. I hope I don't have to: I love what I do.

  • I love that I am a writer. Maybe you do, too, or maybe you have another dream (that's okay). 
  • I love that I'm able to share my message of hope -- of freedom and life after making some really bad choices in my early 20s. 
  • I love that there are two sleeping dogs within view right now (because I'm writing to you from my home-office).

But there are some really tough days. Days where I'm really tempted to give up. There have been tears, and there has been teeth-gritting. I've pleaded with God to prove He hadn't forgotten me, and I've willed myself to worship. 
Then other days, I've just eaten chocolate and called it a night. 
And oddly enough -- though some of my toughest circumstances haven't changed YET -- there is this undercurrent of supernatural HOPE. I am hopeful. I am optimistic. And I am praying for you.
Hang in there. Your dreams have purpose, and you have value. 
With love,
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