Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It Just Has To Be Enough

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. I haven't done this, given up something for Lent in years. I decided I wanted to have this time to prepare for Easter so I would begin.

I was undecided about two things I wanted to give up. I just realized I have failed in them both. One, the smoking thing I was very conscience of the other eating sweets, I just popped a chocolate ball in my mouth without even thinking of Jesus.

But He met me today. He met me in realizing I still struggle with accepting He is sovereign over my life. That He has done me good in the life He has so graciously given me with all the pain and suffering combined and rolled into one and that I can trust Him. I don't have to figure my whole life out...why things happened the way they did. I can just have a child like trust and go forward and even rest. Rest in His finished work for me.

So as far as Lent...I think it is something Jesus is going to have to do for me. Not me do to show Him how much I love Him. Not me to get more of Him. I already have all of Him. He already loves me unconditionally and without flaw or blemish but perfect beauty. He knows how much I love Him and He has forgiven me my sin and given me eternal life in Him. He has even given me abundant life now. Not that I am living it all or understand it all. I am but a little child learning to toddle along with my first steps of faith, of really trusting in a loving God who sent His Son to die for me. Without reservation or hesitation or mistake. He did it both Father and Son did it willingly and even when I blow it He is not disappointed or sorry but using it all for good. I don't understand all this to the fullest measure. I don't know if we do in this life. But He is faithful and will finish the good work He has begun in me.

So tonight I begin Lent in repentance and faith. In humbly bringing my broken heart to Him and asking Him to fill me, heal me and show me more of Himself than I have ever known before of His grace and mercy this Lent Season. Anything that He chooses to free me of to be more like Him, to receive what He has for me I will gladly give. But tonight, this first day of Lent what I give to Him is my heart, my trust and my love as broken and fallen as it is. Just as I am I come without one plea but that Jesus has died for me. I just know it has to be enough.

These Pictures made me smile tonight.  Thanks for letting me share...