Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Road Less Traveled

Tonight I was with someone riding to their new house.  She was telling me all along where we were and where we were going. Once I drive it I will remember our ride there.  I will remember the things she told me.  But until I find the way myself I will not be able to get there.  I can tell you a lot of what she said.  But I won't understand it until I experience it.

Walking by faith is a little like this to me.  I have heard all my christian life.  Walk by faith not by sight.
I have heard the words but did not see with the eyes of my heart.  We each are on our own journey.  Oh there are similarities.  But we each are pilgrims.  God has an individual plan for each of us.  He is personal.  One thing we all have in common we all are becoming more like the Fathers Son, Jesus.

 It is of my humble opinion that no matter how hard we try we can not rush the process to living by faith.  Believe me I have tried.  God knows what He has to accomplish in each of our lives to move us from a place of self dependence to God dependence.  From oppression to freedom.  From unbelief to trusting. From pain to His comfort.  From fear to resting in His control and His love for us.

He has taken me from the most legalistic slavery, to freedom, from the desert of feeling my pain and worshipping idols by seeking them to comfort me, to facing my giants of the fears in my life, to the Promise Land of on going resting and trusting.  Peace and joy no matter what is going on.  He has not become angry when I ran to other lovers.  He did not fall asleep when I just couldn't move.  When I was so depressed and drugged I couldn't get out of bed. He did not leave me when I ran away.  He did not shame me when I was afraid.  He kept pursuing me as Hosea.  The prostitute who kept trying to find love.

It all makes sense now.  All the years of hearing about living in the unseen not the seen.  We do not reach a point to where we have arrived. But we do move to a place where we have been declared righteous by faith.  Hebrews 11.  Where we live in forgiveness and a clear conscience.  Where God is our constant companion.  Where we depend more on Him than we do ourselves.  Where we worship Him and have no other gods before us.  It is this walk by faith.  It is the Road Less Traveled.

He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.