Sunday, January 29, 2012

Go tell...

Have you ever felt unworthy.  Maybe a sin you have  committed.  It could be something you struggle with every day.  You might not have accomplish what you hoped you would have by now.  Socially you just don't seem to fit in.  Somewhere deep inside you cannot imagine that God loves and values you.

Mary Magdalene loved Jesus very much. She traveled with Him. She had listened to Jesus tell the story of the gospel over and over. She was a prostitute. She had no possessions. Of low social status. She was possessed with seven demons. She was mentally ill. She was a woman in a mans world. She was a broken woman. Yet Jesus picked Mary to be the very first to see and tell of Jesus being raised from the dead. The most wonderful miracle that would ever take place. Jesus picked Mary to tell the story.

Jesus valued Mary because of who she was. She was a child of the King. She would be the first to go tell the world, "Jesus is alive."