Sunday, August 2, 2015

Prisoners of our own making

This morning I have been reading, reading scripture, waiting and listening as the Spirit brings the Word of God to my soul. I was reading and meditating on Matt 14:22-32. There is so much there.  May this not be just a study, but time in the very presence of God, where His words take hold of my life.  May they change me, mold me and give me faith, to trust Him more. To give Him control of the people in my life, my circumstances.  To explore new things and love in new and daring ways, I have never done before.

Jesus calls us away, out from doing and serving, to solitude
Jesus has sent us out away, from the crowds
He is praying
He sends us to pray
He draws near to us
He puts a desire in our hearts for Him and to obey Him
We hear His voice.
He wants us to leave our comfort
He give us courage to move forward
We are to anticipate great things in Him through us
He desires that we come to Him
He wants us to trust Him
We respond
Many obstacles will be in our way.
We will experience fear and unbelief, but He is bigger
He wants us to know, He is with us in the storm
That, He will never leave us
He will lead us
He calls us to step out in faith
To keep our eyes on Him.
We cannot do this in our own strength.
We wil fall and fail and become fearful
We call out to Him in our desperation
We are circumstance and people focused
He wants us to depend on Him
He will rescue us
He hears our cry
He will reach out and grab us
He will calm the storm
He will come to where we are
We see more clear,  who He is
We worship Him

His name will be worshiped and made great to many.
He is faithful even when we are not, but He does want us to grow in our faith and trusting Him.
Lack of faith holds us back from living in freedom and obedience, but it does not hold God back from coming where we are and being glorified and worshiped, from loving us.
I see Jesus calls us out to obedience. But it is in obedience that we come to Him. It is not two separate acts, obedience and return to the Lord. It is one, a coming and obeying in faith. The purpose of our obedience is that He would be known and glorified and praised. Even when we cannot step out in faith, as we think we should, He is in control.   He will remain faithful to us and to Himself. He will rescue us and draw near to us. He will calm the illusions of the things that keep us in prison to our fear and unbelief. The Father sent Jesus to come to where we are and save us. Now we can come and return to Him. There will be a battle, but if we are still, He fights for us.
 I have learned this morning obedience is a returning to God. It takes an intimate, honesty between Him and me. I believe God is calling me to a transformation, about many things, that have been a pattern for so long. I am so thankful and humbled, that He has begun this in me, to see Him more clearly. To love more humbly and courageously. To not be so defensive and self protecting.  It is out of His love for me and His desire to be praised. This is where I am most content and He is most glorified in me.

Peter had just witnessed and been a part of Jesus feeding thousands with a young boys, small lunch of a little bread and a few fish.  He had just seen Jesus walk on water, but yet he doubted what God could do, in and through him.  Jesus had Peter on a journey, of not trusting in himself but in what God could do.  Sometimes all we can do is to take a few steps to freedom.  But it is a beginning.  We do have a choice whether to stay confined to our small, controlled world or to take risks and see what Jesus will do.