Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The mind of Christ

The thoughts run through my head...my tooth hurt yesterday.  I have had so much work done in my mouth, what now.  Something bit me last night on my back.  It still stings this morning.  What shall I do about it?  Wonder what it was?  I am to give my story to a group on Thursday.  It has been so long.  Can I do it?  One child was troubled last night, another had a bad headache and the list goes on and on.

As I have come out of denial and began to live this life, I had to come to grips with my fears and anxieties.  I was told the walls of your mind are down and all the thoughts come through, good and bad.  Usually we keep unwanted thoughts out of our mind, but you are unable to do that, I was told.  What did this mean?  Where did these horrible thoughts, that tortured me come from.  They were so huge, magnified my doctor said.  I never knew I had these thoughts, before I got sick.  Did others have them too?  Were they fearful and even anxious at times?  What did they do with them?

I began to learn to take every thought captive.  I would bring the truth of God's word up against these intrusions to my mind.  Many times they would stop, until another fear would come to mind, at another time.  We are told to not be anxious, but to bring our fears to the Lord and I did.  I knew fear and and anxiety was unbelief and therefore a sin.  That it was not understanding some truths about God, but thinking of Him wrongly.  I had to correct my thinking according to Gods word and who He is.  Sometimes I would just change my thinking from a bad thought to thinking on whatever was good and lovely.  I would think on Christ.  I would claim that I had the mind of Christ and that was where I wanted to be.  I prayed the Holy Spirit would fill me each day.  I would ask the Spirit to take control of my mind and only let thoughts that were glorifying to God enter my mind.

I have stated before, we have all kinds of thoughts enter our head.  We are to discern the Spirits and reject the thoughts that do not line up with scripture.  These thoughts can be from the world, the flesh and the devil.  We are not to act or entertain the thoughts, that are not from God, but reject them.  I will write more on this another time.

My thoughts are clearer, much clearer today.  I am so thankful, but just a few days ago I prayed...Lord if my mind never gets healthier,  you are still so good, with me and worthy.  I will praise you.  Please teach me the things you would have me to know.  I want to know you better, deeper and richer by the power of your Spirit.  Sanctify my mind, wash me clean and give me the thoughts that honor you.  I reject anything else.  Please discipline my mind Holy Spirit.  Let me have self control, the fruit of the Spirit.  May my mind be full of you and your goodness and will.  May your will be mine Lord, even if it gets no better, may I trust you more.  But it is not about my faithfulness but yours.  It is not about what I do but what you have done, for me.  Jesus obedience and righteousness is mine.  I just want to go and tell somebody.  Please Lord, renew my mind.

Perfect love cast out all fear.  This is where He meets us.  It is an invitation to encounter God once again and again.