Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th...Let Freedom Ring!...

My heart is breaking right now and I just got to write about it to somebody so you are it.

I was making a mad rush to Walmart to get the things we needed for supper, last minute. As I ran in I heard a man behind me mention vet. to someone. I thought oh my gosh I have no cash. I ran through the store grabbing the things I thought we might want for supper and off to the 20 or less line. Time was running short. I got to the check out and ran my card through and said on no, I was gonna get cash. The cashier said I can get it and she did.

As I left Walmart on the right of the sidewalk was a thirty something year old big guy at a table with his wears. Crosses, t shirts and hats. I said who are you. He said I am a vet. I said who do you represent. He said we are a faith based organization that helps vets with PTS. He began to tell me his story. He was a college football player and then off to the army. I tried to interact with him but he had a story to tell.

He said you know I am staying out here in the scorching heat and it is like these people don't even care. You go off to service and come back and nobody cares. He said they don't owe us nothing or anything...I said but oh they do. We owe you our lives. (and freedom).

Another young man walked up and they began to converse with each other about their days in the service and their PTS. The young man at the table said I don't pull guns on anyone any more. I said have you heard of NAMI. They have a program for vets with mental illness. He said you know all I do not is pray and I don't have no trouble at all. I don't even pulls guns or beat no body up.

I left a little money then I was so broken over it all I unloaded my car and drove back again to the young man to give a little more. On my way home I thought Lord I could not have given him enough. I pray for him now and what he is doing and those whose lives he will touch and for those who fought for our freedom. How soon we forget.

I just ask myself...We post our post about how much we appreciate veterans and what they have done for us. We shoot our fireworks and eat out hot dogs but what are we doing to try and help these young men begin life again when they return from the service. I am speaking to me. I don't know what I can do but I know I am going to find out. I am different for being with this young man and I want to help. I want to put my actions and my money where my mouth is. I have read freedom is not free. It is not. It cost soldiers men and women their lives and the life here at home. It cost Jesus His life. He said Father forgiven them for they know not what they do. I need forgiveness. If I could just touch one veteran or his or her family in a positive way...if we all touched just one. Think of the difference we could make.

I know of someone celebrating Freedom and Liberty.  Those who risk their lives and those families of those who did.  They know the cost way more than we ever will.  Jesus knows it most of all for He not only gave His life but He gave everything for you and for me to have Freedom.  May we live in the freedom that is ours by these men and women and by Jesus.