Friday, November 1, 2013

Update on Deborah Ford:

The doctor is reluctant to allow Deborah's return to technology now. She's doing really well, been having few afternoons at the farm, but his observation is that it's better to keep the wellness intact--not risk a setback. So she is contenting herself to give more prayer attention to family and look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas family gatherings. Hoping to do some... special gifts of her own making. She sends her thank-you for your prayers and love, and for continuing to read her past writings.

If the Lord gives you time to pray--please remember her recovery. For her to know the Lord's leadership one day at a time, as well as to receive His healing.

Prayer for you: Father God, let this be a day when Your beauty shines through to the hearts of Your people. When all that is heavy or hurtful is taken into Your good hands, and You touch each worn or wounded place with Your love and wisdom, and transformation power.

Whatever is disappointment--make into new vision or an open door.

Whatever the enemy has meant for accusation or to bring anger--translate into words of life.

Whatever is bringing feelings of "just want to come Home"--refill with Your strength and courage to keep keeping on, for Jesus' namesake, until Your plan to make much of Him through their lives here is complete.

Now, Lord, bless in the deepest reaches of each heart as only You can
... ml