Saturday, April 19, 2014

When God Interrupts

 But we do see Him who was made [a]for a little while lower than the angels, namely, Jesus, because of the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor, so that by the grace of God He might taste death for everyone.

For it was fitting for Him, for whom are all things, and through whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, to perfect the [b]author of their salvation through sufferings.

It has been a hard, full, glorious week this week.  I had tried to make my plans following the leading of the Spirit but God interrupted lots of times.  Many people to love with the love of Jesus and be loved by them. Seeing how He brings people into my life and what a joy it is.  Learning much more about just how deep I need my Savior.  How the Fathers love was in display for all the world to see, in the cross, for me, for you, His children.  How Christ laid down His life to rescue us from ourselves, our self centeredness and our independence from Him, from evil.

I was weak and tired.  I had made plans to rest up that day, but God would once again, interrupt my plans. How would I respond? Would I trust Him?  Would I depend on Him? Bam, bam, bam, the door knocker beat heavily on the front door.  As I made my way to see what was going on, I opened the door to see a little 90 year old woman standing in the doorway.  She had white hair, black glasses.  She was wearing several sweaters and a long dress with white shoes and a cane that could hardly hold her up.

She immediately began to talk.  She was trying to find my son.  I said would you like to come in?  Yes, please.  She moved in through the door into the house, unsteady.  I said, would you like to sit down?  Yes, please.  She was talking all along the son had helped her the night before with her run away stallion and she couldn't find him, my son, that day.  Would you like a cup of coffee?  Yes, please.  How about a cookie?  Yes, please. I grabbed my set and just sat back.  I began to pray...Lord help me to listen to this woman.  Help me to love her.  This could be me one day.  Let me hear what she is saying.  You say to love the least of these I have loved you.  Help me love you Lord.  I am so weak.  I need your grace.

She lived on a nearby farm she had bought years ago.  She owned six stallions. Three were with fold.  I ask?  What are you going to do Easter?  She said she would probably pet her horses and read.  I talked to her about Jesus coming for our sins.  Are you a christian?  yes.  She began to talk about how Jesus had worked in someones life she knew.  I didn't hear anything about what He had done for her.

The coffee is good.  The cookie is delightful.  I have not eaten much today.  It was well into the afternoon.  She use to be a news paper reporter for 40 years.  She had this run away stallion.  It was taring down the fence.  I couldn't reach my son and my husband was out of town.  I told her maybe she needed to sell the horses if she couldn't take care of them.  I am trying to preserve this breed, this line.  I have done it for three generations.  I gave her some names of others who might could help her.  A veterinarian just down the road.  My car won't make it.  I don't think it has enough oil.  I reminded her of the people she was to call and was grieved as she made her way to the door and I helped her down the steps.  Others lived with her, able people.  I looked at the worn down car and said, "should you be driving"?  I am the only one who drives.  I told her I would tell my family she had come by.

She seemed to be living in property, but had much with what she owned, her horses that tied her to her land.  She didn't know what she had or was willing to live needy to keep her possessions tucked away for another day. 

I thought how we Christians are like this woman.  We don't see what Jesus has given us in Him. What He has done for us and given us.  We don't live in Easter every day.  We live as if we are spiritually about dead but yet we have been given eternal life, the abundant life.  We don't see what the Father has provided for us in His Son, our inheritance.  We live like poppers in our guilt and shame and in our sin. We don't live in the peace, joy and contentment, in the freedom that is ours in Christ.  That we are forgiven, loved and delighted in.  That we have eternal life.  That we are the very child of the King.  That we are the bride of Christ.  That we are higher than the angels and everything was made subject to us on this earth.  Yes, we are sinners and we will struggle with sin and fail until the day we see Him face to face but we are the very righteousness of Christ.  He lived the life we should have lived and died the dead we should have died.  He took our sin and gave us His very righteousness.  We are set free from condemnation.  We are the very crown of Jesus glory!  We are His most valuable possession and treasure of His grace.  We are precious to Him and He delights in us.  The Father is so pleased as we trust in His Son for our righteousness. But the Father is pleased, because He has chosen us before time, to set His love and grace and favor on us.  He is pleased with His Son and what Jesus did for us.  Our sins are marked paid in full.   We can give up our striving and pretending.  We can rest for Jesus said on the cross, it is finished.  He even uses our failures and our sins for good and His glory.  He uses it all.  Even when we fail to believe He believes for us.  He is for us and He is good.  He is faithful to the faithless.  It is all Him.  He even uses our sufferings for His glory.  Nothing is wasted in Him.

May we receive all the Father has for us in His Son this Easter.  He has given us their Spirit to dwell in us and nothing can separate us from the love of God.  He has loved us as His very own Son.  The Son loves us as He loves the Father.  May we live in the riches of His glory and grace.  May we laugh into tomorrow and trust Him with the past and press on toward the prize, Christ Jesus.  May we enjoy Him and others with the freedom that is ours not worrying about messing up but trusting Him with our very lives and hearts.  May we see Jesus.  May we see our need of Him and the very thing that we so desire is right before our very eyes in Him.  We are totally loved, accepted and forgiven.  We are given a purpose and value.  He has a plan for us and will be faithful to bring that plan about.  There is no second plan for our lives.  We haven't screwed it up so bad that He cannot redeem, make better than before we failed.  He is the Redeemer making all things right.

So celebrate with me this Easter our "Risen Christ" and the Faithfulness and love of the Father.  Lets sing the music of the gospel, that He has put in our hearts.  Lets tell others of the mystery, Christ in us.  The hope of glory!  If you don't know Him as your Lord and Savior then this Easter would be a wonderful time to finalize your life and your destiny and eternity.  Accept Him as He has accepted you.  God interrupted the whole world with the free gift of His Son, that cost Him everything.  Let God interrupt you day, your life, your world.  He has the whole world in His hands.  Trust Him now with your life.