Saturday, November 19, 2016

God is whispering for us to be Thankful always

Thankfulness is contagious.

Taste and see that the Lord He is good!

I have been thinking of ways to love even when I do not feel like it.  Feelings are not reliable.  It is hard to be thankful and be depressed.  This is the perfect time of year to spread thankfulness and gratitude.  It is a heart changer.  It begins by turning and humbling of the will to be thankful no matter what.

I have had some neat times with my family and friends.  Jordan, my grandson and I went fishing.  Well mostly him fish and me talk lol.  

We had a good time and he had to return to school.  When he woke the next morning he discovered all his fishing material had been stolen.  He was shocked but admitted it was not good to leave them in the back of his truck.

I gave him time to be sad and talk through it.  Then the next day I shared with him to be thankful.  He had lost his equipment but Jesus has given him so very much.  It just softened his heart and he agreed.

There are times I get down when my heart is not where I want it to be.  We do not have to give in to our feelings but surrender to the will and purposes of God.  We have a new heart and have the mind of Jesus.  He lives His life and love through us to others.  Believing He gives this to us as we turn to Him is one of the most beautiful things.  It is HIs glory when this transformation happens and we live it through us.

We cannot change our heart but we can cooperate with the Spirit.  We humble ourselves before the Lord and ask for repentance.  A changed heart.  His grace to change and His love to pour out through us to a broken world.  We can ask for brokenness for those we know and love.  For God to be gentle please in showing them and us our need for the Savior.  Rest before Him until His mercy and grace works a wonder of love and thanksgiving in us.

It is about an intimate relationship with God and others. It is about sustaining grace with joy instead of deliverance from troubles.  It is entering the dance of diving glory of heaven and spreading it here on earth through the Spirit by Jesus and us.  It is giving the love of God to an unlovely world made perfect.  Our Savior is rescuing us from a self centered life that relinquishes our control.

God is so serious about this thankfulness He writes about in HIs word, He decided to give us a banquet party. Thanksgiving.  Start today being thankful and spreading it in the world to those around you.  In all things give thanks.  God uses it all for good and beauty and wonder in His time and His purpose, where those around you praise Him.

The gift of Jesus brings a grateful heart always.  Accepting His plan for your life as a gift from a loving Father brings contentment, thankfulness and rest.  His grace is sustaining happiness beyond anything this world has to offer.  This is a gift of faith we ask for, that comes at times, trusting His love beyond struggles.  Thankfulness in suffering and struggles is the eclipse of His glory.  It is finally grasping the love of God beyond any circumstance.  His care and love for you beyond His very own life.