Friday, May 13, 2016

My Journey Back Home~

It has been a long, hard, joyous road since my last post.  I went through Lent, extreme.  I did not take my meds correctly for a long time.  I had the worse psychotic break I ever have had.  I am not speaking of the consequences of it but the trauma to my heart and soul.  I saw the magnification of heavens glories and hells terrors.  We are in a battle for the minds.  Mine was safe an secure because of God, my loving Father.  His Son.  And the Holy Spirit.  I needed my family and as always they were there for me with the security and care that only they could give me at such a difficult time as I happened to be in.

I went to my daughters to heal.  She kept me from going to the hospital.

My doctor says I am a miracle.

I just wanted you to know God can use anything He chooses to give you a heart for your family and for Him.  I began Lent seeing things had captured my heart.  God used my sickness for me to spend time with my wonderful other daughter who I know more now than I ever have.  All my children have helped me and are such a gift to a mother.

Mothers Day was wonderful.  I got such thoughtful, meaningful,  beautiful gifts from my girls.  I was  treated like a queen by my daughters.  A lovely diner with my son, his girlfriend and her mom.  I so love those people.  My oldest daughter has a lovely home and cooked the most delicious meal.  We all had such a good time.  She took care of me for months.  Now thats a mothers dream to be cared for in her old age by her children.  She is a delight.  Such great memories there with her.

So I am just posting a hello.  Thanks for still checking in here.  I don't know where the blog is headed.  I would love to do one different but lack the help in making that happen right now.  So I will post here my plans when I know more.

Go back and read other post if you will.  I do pray for God to keep your heart encouraged.  One of my heroes is my daughter at our home.  She encourages me so to keep doing the hard thing with joy.

My other daughter counseled me with her counseling wisdom and gave me more than she will ever know by letting me into her heart and home for almost two weeks.  I hope to keep visiting.  I want to continue to be with my daughters friends, neighbors, in my children's hearts and homes.  To even spend some more quality time with my son.  He is a great thinker.  All my children know the makings of a person so well.  Only God can teach that.  It is an intuition.  A God given gift my children have.

My son has also been so good to me.  He lives on the farm also with us in another house.  He has helped his dad so very much.  My husband couldn't keep up the farm in the manner in which he does without my son.

I have spent time with my grandson.  Now there is a girl heart breaker lol.  Seriously he has a precious girlfriend whom we all love.  I got to spend time with her and she is so good for my grandson.  He is a great farm worker and baseball player.  I love that guy.  He is gorgeous and loves his mom and me too even lol.  We have great talks and hope he will come to the farm soon just to hang.

So from Ford  Farm's porch... our home to yours.  Don't let a day go by you don't encourage your children and husband. This is why I want to write now.  I want to be a better wife, mother and friend to my family.  I am ready to open my heart to them without reservations.  To guard my heart against my own sin and repent when I mess up.

There is an angel watching over you and me and it is our own children.   Ask the Father to speak to you in the illumination of your mind... His great love for you.  Pray for your husband and children daily when you can't sleep.  I will, God willing, be writing on ways I have learned to take time for me and relax and rest in Gods love for me.  I realized these things through one of the most difficult times in my life.

God has a plan for our lives and we can't mess it up.  I suppose we can make it hard on ourselves but even that He uses for our good and His glory.  So be strengthen in the might and power of the Lord to keep on doing the hard thing with joy.  Know!  He takes great delight in YOU~